Fantastic Summer
Thank you for excellent advice and a wonderful summer. You encouraged our daughter to attend an outdoor adventure program that she thought was out of her comfort level. She participated in activities that she thought she could never accomplish. Dana came home with stories of so many exciting activities she did! This has given her such a boost to her self-esteem!
Allison from Cherry Hill, NJ

Overnight Camp For Teens



Looking for something different to do this summer?

For  teens looking past the traditional camp experience..there are sooo many additional options!

There are Summer Teen Tours, Teen Camps, Sleepaway camps for teens, Pre-College Programs and Community Service Programs.


Summer Teen tours are in the continental USA as well as International for varying lengths of time and prices. Pre-college programs offer teens the chance to experience living on a college campus and taking either enrichment or college credit courses. SAT preparation courses are also available. Other summer teen tours may be located in Europe, South America, Austrailia and Africa.They may include regimine of overnight camp and travel.


For those students ages 12-18 years of age looking for a summer experience totally unlike anything they've participated in before, they may want to consider a Community Service Program. More and more schools are requiring students to fulfill a certain amount to community service to graduate and there are programs in a variety  of worldwide geographic areas to  participate in one of them. Students live within small, adult supervised groups that appear to be small teen camps  as they become fully immersed in a culture significantly different from their own. Teens live and work in the heart of their host communities in these overnight camps for teens. In conjunction with the community members at this teen camp experience, there is a spirit of teamwork and cooperation toward common goals, an active reciprocation of culture and a desire to learn new skills ath these overnight camps for teens.

This, combined with adventure activities such as rock climbing, white water rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving,caving and wilderness hiking can make for not only a cultural learning experience, but a physically challenging achievement. Upon completion of a program, each student receives a certificate of 80-120 recognized community service hours.


Most students attending these overnight camps for teens , come with no prior skills other than the desire to "GIVE". Whether it be construction of buildings, rebuilding trails at a National Park, assisting in a day care center  or assisting a local farm in cultivation of crops in Tortola  in the British Virgin Islands; or renovation of a Dominican School in the Dominican Republic to installation of playgrounds and fencing at the Blackfeet Indian reservation in Montana, the thrill of participating in these projects will be remembered through one's lifetime. The diversity of locations is mind boggling. Consider going to the heartland of ancient Mayan Civilization in Mexico or historic kingdoms in Bali and Thailand. Imagine looking outside your bedroom and seeing Mt Everest in Nepal or camping out on the plains in Kenya among lions, giraffes, zebras and elephants.


Many Community Service Programs are non profit. Supervision, though is certainly not compromised, as mature and experienced leaders assist the teens in this worthwhile experience. Tuition is comparable to teen tours and range in length from 2-6 weeks. Many an outstanding college essay has been written for college based on the experience had during the community service program. So--- if you're looking to do something different, productive and fulfilling this summer, this may be an interesting direction.



The Camp Connection, a FREE advisory service for summer sleepaway  camps, teen tours, pre-college and community service programs, have been servicing families for over 27 years. They represent over 600 programs that have all been researched, referenced and visited while in operation.