Bravo to Camp Connection's guidance and wisdon! Because you are parents you know what we needed for our teenager. This experience boosted his self-esteem and has given him a more enriched focus for his future. We could not have created this magic without you!
Jodi from Hewlett, NY

Sleepaway Camps for Teens

Children often wait till they are teens to go to Sleepaway Camp. There are a series of Sleepaway Camps for Teens that specialize in long and short term programs for teenagers. You can attend camp for 1-7 weeks. They are targeting to children 12-17 years of age.

Sleepaway Camps for Teens  can also specialize in a particular activity. Choices are:Theater Arts, Fine Arts, Weight Reduction, horseback riding, dance.

There are also a series of sports camps: Tennis, softball, baseball, basketball, lacrosse,soccer, etc.

Sleepaway Camps for Teens are a terrific opportunity for campers to meet a lot of new friends at a place where there is a lot on traffic of new children entering camp at the same time as themselves.

Call Camp Connection for the best summer sleepaway camp match for your child.

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