Fantastic Summer
Thank you for excellent advice and a wonderful summer. You encouraged our daughter to attend an outdoor adventure program that she thought was out of her comfort level. She participated in activities that she thought she could never accomplish. Dana came home with stories of so many exciting activities she did! This has given her such a boost to her self-esteem!
Allison from Cherry Hill, NJ

               Teen Travel Camp

Teen Travel camp gives teens a 100% fun summer experience without sending them away for a more traditional sleepaway camp experience. Typically teen travel camps run school buses that pick kids up on a regular route before departing to a pre-set destination where the kids spend their day. This  Teen Tavel Camp option is great for parents who want their kids around during the summer! Usual times mimic a school day from pick up to drop off so there is no great interruption in supervision for parents who both work. Teen travel camps are also a wonderful way for teenagers to gain independence ina responsible environment.

Teen travel camps also feature overnight excursions and many offer quite spectacular trips to Florida, Canada, California and so on. The main thrust of teen travel camps is fun.,.it's theme parks all the way. Accommodation for their overnight stays are brand hotels and they may even visit traditional sleepaway camp settings for a few days for that authenticate a real  camp experience.

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