Bravo to Camp Connection's guidance and wisdon! Because you are parents you know what we needed for our teenager. This experience boosted his self-esteem and has given him a more enriched focus for his future. We could not have created this magic without you!
Jodi from Hewlett, NY

Travel Camps for Teens

Is a travel camp right for your teen? Travel camps are all about fun and can be a great way for a teen to spend the summer. There are many aspects to travel camps for teens. There are some travel camps for teens that take children to local site that are within an hour of the home. These teens come home every evening.

There are Travel Camps for Teens that are called Mini Tours. The teens depart their home and return on Friday afternoons. There are transported  primarily by air conditioned bus and focus on sites within a specific geographic proximity. On these travel camps for teens, the children sleep in hotels, student hostels and sometimes even tents in campgronds. These teens that attend these travelo camps spend a great deal of time bonding with their fellow campers and staff members. The Travel Camps for teens are supervisied by fully trained child specialists. Many of them are teachers. There is a strict code of acceptable behavior thatthe teens must adhere to at these travel camps

There are also travel camps for teens that offer tours that extend from one week to 5 weeks. The teens stay on the road for the assigned period of time that they have signed up for. The activities that attend these travel camps for teens include theme parks, historical sites, beaches, resorts, museumns, ball parks etc.

It is always fun for the teens to attend the travel camps.

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